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Electric bikes make cycling even more fun

Updated: Feb 27, 2019

Electric bike holidays in the National Forest

We often get asked what's it like riding an electric bike. The answer? Just like riding a normal bike, but with a boost when required - and even more fun.

Fun for everyone

People of all levels of fitness and experience love electric bikes - even world champions like Victoria Pendleton. E-bikes are the perfect way to get more from your ride, whether you want to go further, keep up with a partner, recover from injury or simply have enough energy to enjoy the journey,

Easy technology

There's no throttle to master nor complicated process to follow with an electric bike – simply pedal and click for more or less assistance from the electric motor. Changes in assistance levels are smooth and gentle – no sudden bursts of explosive power. To recharge the battery, leave the battery on the bike and plug into a normal socket, or clip it out to recharge elsewhere.

Even out differences in cycling ability

Just like using gears, you choose how much help you want from your electric bike. This is perfect when people of different abilities are cycling together. Electric bikes make it easy to even out differences in cycling ability or fitness levels, ensuring everyone can reach the top of the hill together.

Comfortable cycling position

Many people are surprised at just how comfortable they feel cycling an e-bike. Electric bikes often use an upright cycling position, similar to Dutch bikes. Combined with the additional assistance from the motor, cycling an electric bike generally feels easier on the joints and puts less strain on the body than a traditional bike.

Enjoy the benefits of cycling

You still pedal an electric bike, meaning that you enjoy the positive health benefits of being active. The electric motor gives you the freedom and reassurance of a helping hand if you start to tire.

National Forest E-Bike Holidays

From F1 to stately homes, microbreweries to bird watching, there is an electric bike holiday to suit everyone. Look out for details of some of our most popular routes in future blog posts or contact us to find your perfect electric bike holiday. We look forward to welcoming you soon.

Find out more about the National Forest here. Find out more about our electric bike holidays in the National Forest.



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