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Visit the National Forest Noon Columns on your E-Bike Holiday

Updated: Feb 27, 2019

Oak carved noon column in the National Forest by David Nash
David Nash noon column in the UK's National Forest

An E-bike holiday through the National Forest offers a perfect opportunity to visit the six Noon Columns, created by the sculptor David Nash and sited throughout the Forest.

Carved from oak, a vertical slot in the columns casts shadows of varying length, depending on the time of day and year. The longest shadow is cast at “True Noon” on mid-summer and the shortest at “True Noon” on mid-winter's day.

Each column represents an aspect of the heritage and landscape of the Forest.

  • Jackson's Bank, Needwood – the most natural column, to represent the local ancient woodland

  • Croxall Lakes – this column represents the local flood plains of the River Trent

  • Grangewood – this column is shaped to represent a church spire

  • Bignall Woods, Staunton Harold – sitting on golden sandstone to represent the agricultural landscape

  • Sence Valley – represents the mining heritage of the area

  • Charnwood Forest – situated at the Billa Barra Hill Nature Reserve, this column represents the quarrying heritage of the area.

National Forest E-Bike Holidays

E-bike specialists, we offer a wide range of electric bike holidays through the National Forest. From Formula 1 cars to National Trust mansions, vineyards to breweries, we help you create your perfect cycling holiday.

Our holidays include everything you need to relax and enjoy your journey.

  • comfortable accommodation

  • luggage transfer every day

  • high quality electric bikes

  • comprehensive route plans and notes

  • reassurance of local back up support when required

Brand new for 2018, our high quality electric bikes are great fun to ride and offer an extra boost when required. You pedal, like a normal bike, and add extra power at the click of a button. Electric bikes also help even-out differences in cycling ability and fitness levels, ensuring no-one is left behind.


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